• Family Day Care Association Queensland

    Peak body for Family Day Care in Queensland providing:

    • resources for family day care
    • professional development
    • advocacy
    • registered training organisation
  • Early Childhood Australia

    This link provides information on the following:

    • educator resources
    • parent resources
    • publications
    • learning hub
  • Let’s Read

    A resource for families, communities and professionals.  Let’s Read is a national evidence-based early literacy initiative that promotes reading with children from birth to five years.

  • Family Day Care Matters

    Family Day Care Matters is the weekly e-newsletter that keeps the family day care sector informed.

  • Kids Safe

    This link provides information on the following:

    • home safety
    • road safety
    • playground safety
    • school safety
    • publications
    • services
  • Early Years Learning Framework

    This link provides information on the following:

    • belonging, being and becoming – The EYLF (translated)
    • living practice with EYLF
    • posters
    • postcards
    • bookmarks
  • Connections

    A resource for early childhood educators about children’s wellbeing including:

    • key concepts
    • partnerships
    • professional practice
    • environment
    • social & emotional development
    • early intervention
    • fact sheets
  • Global Kids

    Multicultural learning resources for the promotion of indigenous and multicultural global education.

  • Noah’s Ark

    Noah’s Ark works with families and the community to build better futures for children with disabilities and additional needs.

  • Bicultural Support Service

    MDA’s Bicultural Support Service workers assist educators to settle children from culturally diverse backgrounds into new childcare environments by supporting communication, working to create an inclusive environment and providing cultural insight.